THE HOLIDAY OVEN GLOVES. A product from Voila By Pierrot

When I first arrived in the USA, a friend invited me to spend Christmas with his family in rural Michigan.Their home was right out of a holiday storybook, delightfully nostalgic and very ornate, if not a bit busy (at least to my French eye).
Snowmen adorned candy dishes on the coffee table and reindeer appliques were hand sewn on the lady of the house’s apron.
The magical evening was disrupted, however, when the mother lost her grip on a hot roaster pan and the turkey went crashing onto the floor.
Her bulky, cumbersome oven mitts were the cause of the accident.
As a clothing designer and baker, I couldn’t stop thinking about a solution that could have prevented this holiday disaster.
I looked at other oven gloves that were on the market and found only one that was close to a suitable alternative.
I decided to improve upon this product until I developed what I consider to be the perfect oven gloves.
First, i added extra length on the cuffs to provide protection against the common danger of wrists burns, one size fits all.
The silicone snowflake design is not only whimsical, but it ensures a maximum grip and excellent dexterity.
A revolutionary eco-friendly fiber engineered by Lenzing Co. provides superior heat resistance up to 428 degrees and allows the handling of frozen foods as well. 
The gloves’ easy care provides bacteriological safety that is essential while food handling. My Holiday Oven Gloves combine technology, sanitary assurance and a design that evokes my memories of that fairy tale-perfect holiday in snowy Michigan.